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"Beach" Music


When I think of beach music, the sounds of Dick Dale or the Ventures quickly fill my head. This post, however, results from a mental tangent of trying to conjure up an image of a day at the beach using band names found in my record collection.

Here's what I came up with:

No Shushing Allowed! The library is alive with sounds.

This summer, Fresh City Life is hosting Beatwave: a Summer Music Series on Sunday afternoons in June and July.  We've tried hard to put together a group of diverse local musicians who will play tunes in tones you definitely haven't heard before. Take 2GVibe, the West African ensemble will be kicking off the series next Sunday June 6th from 2-3.

Koffi Toudji, the band leader, is a whirlwind of a man, with rhythm like rain and energy like the sun. I first met Koffi through the Cleo Parker Robinson African dance class, where he and his fellow drummers pound out rhythms for people of all ages and types to get down to (and Get Down they do). Koffi takes an athletic approach to drumming, as if it's a full body sport, and the drum is his accomplice.

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