Reviews and Blog Posts: Spells

Half bad

by Sally Green

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Who decides what's black or white? Good or evil?  Nathan is hoping he'll find his answer on his seventeenth birthday when he receives his three wishes. But the Council of White Witches of England, Scotland, and Wales have other plans for Nathan which include making sure he doesn't live to...

Briony Hatch : a graphic novel

by Ginny Skinner

Briony's life is one long waiting game for the next adventure of her favorite dystopian novel, The Adventures of Starling Black. But it isn't enough to read about Starling, the beautiful spell-casting exorcist. Briony wants to be strong and powerful just like Starling. And when she completes the very last...

Valiant [a modern tale of faerie]

by Holly Black

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In the worst possible way, teenager, Valerie Russell learns all about betrayal.  And what starts out as a simple act of defiance, in a fit of pain and rage, turns into a runaway adventure of fairly epic proportions.  After the initial shock has worn off with the sting of betrayal...

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