Reviews and Blog Posts: space travel

An Astronaut's guide to life on earth

by Chris Hadfield

Part memoir, part self-help, part description of what life is really like as an astronaut, this book was fascinating. Hadfield dreamed of becoming an astronaut from the time he was nine years old. He knew that it was a long shot (at the time, Canada did not even have a...

Packing for Mars : the curious science of life in the void

by Mary Roach

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I never got to go to space camp as a child, despite entering every contest, and part of me has always wondered if things had gone differently, would I be an astronaut? Thank you, Mary Roach, for crushing all of my romantic images of space travel and revealing the annoying,...

172 hours on the moon : a novel

by Johan Harstad

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Would you enter a lottery for a chance to spend a week on the moon? What if you knew there was a chance that you'd never come back? NASA is trying to revitalize the space program and get everyone excited about moon exploration, years after the first Apollo flights. They...

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