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Fortune's pawn

by Rachel Bach

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Devi Morris is a woman with a plan. After flying through the ranks in the Blackbird Company - an elite armored mercenary group- Devi is looking for more. She joins the crew of the Glorious Fool in hopes that her performance there will land her in the elite military group,...

Ancillary justice

by Ann Leckie

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Bren is not as she has always been. Once a sentient spaceship with many human bodies to inhabit, she is now in just one body, alone, angry, and in mourning. Told with flashbacks moving along in time with the current situation, you come to understand the politics and scope of...

Revelation space

by Alastair Reynolds

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Just so you know where I stand as a reviewer: if you start off your book with a deadly "razor storm" bearing down on archaeologists at a dig site on an alien planet, I'll probably follow your story wherever it goes from there. I just can’t get enough of that...

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