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Camp concentration

by Thomas M Disch

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This is a jarring science fiction that knocked me off course for a bit. It was written in 1968 during the Vietnam War – you know, the first one you could watch on TV- and does a terrifyingly awesome job of projecting the sentiments of the time. Although this backdrop...

Final fantasy the spirits within

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This movie is better than you’d expect. It seems like video game related movies are ill-received, but the story and the imagery are enchanting.  The animation is done well, at times seems a little dated, but doesn’t take away from it being a good story and the important parts of...

Out of the silent planet

by C. S. (Clive Staples) Lewis

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Most people know C.S. Lewis for his Chronicles of Narnia series or his writings about Christianity and the human condition.  Out of the Silent Planet is the first book of his Space Trilogy and one of his earliest published works.  It tells the story of Dr. Ransom, a language professor, who unwillingly gets...

Almost Midnight: Camp, Cult SciFi Classics

Michael York, Farrah Fawcett and Jenny Agutter in Logan's Run

Our 10th Anniversary Film Series celebrates five Science Fiction gems. These films have a fan following and those elusive qualities that have moved them into cult status – suitable for a midnight film showing. Well, in our case, almost midnight. 

What is it about these films that draw us back to them again and again? Is it the built in self-effacing humor of these movies – that they seem to be in on the joke? Is it the absurdity of the plot lines, or the over-the-top sets and costumes? Is it the broad, scene-stealing acting? Could it be that underneath their flash there is also substance? We think the answer is yes, all of the above – but join us and our host, film screenwriter and film professor, Darren Foster as he takes us where no man has ever gone before – at least not with a straight face anyway.

3 is a Magic Number

What's your favorite trilogy? A great trilogy not only needs to begin well, but avoid the curse of the shoddy sequel.

With the third Chronicles of Narnia film coming out soon, as well as the third and final film in Steig Larsson's Millenium Trilogy, it seems like 3 is a magic number.

Star Wars - The Original, Han shoots first, unadulterated three!

The Best of the Syfy Channel

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No Cable? No Problem! The library has a premium selection of TV shows! The SyFy Channel, formerly simply the Sci-Fi Channel, produces many TV miniseries, films and quality television programming. Their newest show, Haven, is based on the Stephen King novel, The Colorado Kid.

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