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by Octavia E Butler

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Octavia E. Butler redefined what a perfectly written sci-fi time travel novel could be by telling the story of Dana, a young, black woman who is inexplicably hurtled back in time to antebellum Maryland where she saves the life of a young boy, only to be quickly transported back to...


by Jeff VanderMeer

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The fact that you have not already picked this one up for cover art alone I find incredibly surprising. A beautiful volume, the first book in the Southern Reach trilogy (followed by Authority and then Acceptance) follows four women, identified only by their designated job titles (a biologist, an anthropologist,...

Descender. Book one. Tin stars

by Jeff Lemire

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This volume sets up the rest of the series really really well. Often times first volumes, just like first books, can be so packed with information about characters and places that the storyline gets buried. Jeff Lemire, who's written for DC, Marvel, and Valiant, does a wonderful job creating an...

Sci-fi and Fantasy book club for adults at the Central Library starts on Tuesday, 6 Oct from 6:45-8 PM

This is Middle Earth from space. Of course.

Lovers of Science Fiction and Fantasy rejoice! By popular demand (well, polite request, really), the Central Library is starting a sci-fi and fantasy book club for adults.


We're going to meet on either a Monday or Tuesday evening from 6:30 or 7 to 8. Please leave a comment saying what would be the best day and time for you. I'm thinking the first Monday or Tuesday because that's pretty easy to remember.

Halo, nightfall

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Halo: Nightfall is a TV series based on the best-selling video game franchise Halo. Last year, it was only available through the Halo Channel, an app for the Xbox One.  Now, the entire series has been released on DVD. Veteran sci-fi movie maker Ridley Scott was the executive producer.

Tiptree Award Winners--and New Tiptree Fellowships

My Real Children

The James Tiptree, Jr. Award is one of my favorites for a lot of reasons. The award was named after James Tiptree, Jr, aka Alice B. Sheldon, whose use of a male pen name, when discovered, prompted much discussion of whether the act of writing itself is gendered.

Plaza Voices: Películas de ciencia ficción y fantasía

Cover of Sleep Dealer/Traficante de Sueños, available from DPL

This week, our regular contributor Desiree S. writes:

Robots! Aliens! Time travel? What do these things share in common (other than being awesome)? They are all subjects of movies you can check out at DPL while also improving your Spanish speaking skills.

Book Discovery: Baby, It's Cold in Space

As the weather starts to chill and snow starts to fall I get the unavoidable desire to delve into the desolate and far colder realm of outer space.

Did You Miss This?

Did You Miss This?

If you browse the book stacks at the Central Library, chances are you'll spy a "Did you miss this?" bookmark. With so many books to choose from, these flagged titles may be the next read you're looking for. So go ahead, browse and take a title home today. You might even discover a new, favorite read!

Note: The Library's online catalog provides enhanced title and summary/review information when available. Discover these features by clicking the hyperlinks below.

The woods. Vol. 1, The Arrow

by James Tynion

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A typical high school, including all students and faculty, is mysteriously transported to what looks to be an alien planet. Things are about to get very dangerous, and not only due to the strange beasts that are lurking about. Some teachers want more control of the situation, and will do...

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