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by Aaron Karo

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  Shane is a smooth operator. He has a list of tips and tricks that can help even the nerdiest high schooler get with the girl of his dreams. Shane practices what he preaches too and is currently going out with one of the prettiest girls in school. His rep...

A girl walks home alone at night

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Ana Lily Amirpour makes her directorial debut with a bang, or should I say bite. A big juicy bite out of every film genre made. Amirpour's homage to film includes silent era makeup, James Dean beatniks and every dusty drama chronicling humanity's internal and environmental wasteland. "The Girl" views the...

The professor's daughter

by Joann Sfar

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Sfar writes a fun, zany story and Emmanuel Guibert gives it life with perfectly matched graphic art. When Egyptologist Professor Bowell leaves town on business, his daughter Lillian and prized mummy Imhotep IV decide to spend the day together exploring Victorian London. On the surface, Lillian and Imhotep IV don't seem to have much...

The Cinderella deal

by Jennifer Crusie

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Life is not a fairy tale. Or is it? When free-spirited Daisy meets Linc, she knows his offer is too good to be true: live with him as his pretend wife in a small town so he can get tenure at his prestigious but conservative college. It sounds simple. Until...

Magic strikes

by Ilona Andrews

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Looking for a new Urban Fantasy series with lots of action and just enough romance? Ilona Andrews delivers. In their (they are a husband/wife writing team) third installment in the Kate Daniels series, Kate fights for her friend in the Midnight Games, a forbidden survival-of-the-magical-fittest contest. But she doesn't count...

Death sworn

by Leah Cypess

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Ileni used to be the most powerful and promising sorceress of her people, but when her magic begins to fade, the Elders give her a task tantamount to a death sentence: enter the Assassins' Caves as the sect's new magic tutor and find out how the last two tutors were...

We were liars

by E Lockhart

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Cadence spends her summers on a remote island with her cousins and Gat, the boy she is growing to love. But she struggles to remember what happened during her 15th summer--a summer where she knows tragedy occurred.

This is an excellent and twisty read. I recommend it to teens and adults...

Everything leads to you

by Nina LaCour

A story of connection, family, the power of movies, and the power of the stories we tell ourselves, Emi Price's summer is captivating. She's just graduated from high school, has been working as set design intern for a movie studio for years, and has just gotten a big break and...

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Stop Hiding that Romance Novel!

A Duke of Her Own

Do you find yourself hiding the cover of the book you're reading? Or bringing a stack of books with hearts on their spine to the checkout desk and saying "they're for my mother?" Maybe you hide your eReader from friends and family? Then chances are you are a secret Romance reader. Why the secrecy? Smart, strong people read Romances every day. And there's a lot of great Romances out there!

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