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Oh, Yuck!

A growing body of research is discovering that there is a real crisis in boys’ reading. Boys are reading less and less well than their female peers, and this gap only gets worse as children get older. Much of the reason for boys' poor reading is that the types of books being offered to boys in school often hold little or no interest for them.

Jon Scieszka, award-winning author of The Stinky Cheese Man and other favorites, has started a campaign called Guys Read to encourage boys’ reading. He believes that simply offering boys books that they will enjoy is a huge step in making the shift from reluctant to motivated readers.

The strange case of Origami Yoda

by Tom Angleberger

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Dwight is a pretty strange kid and isn't super popular at school. One day, he shows up with an origami Yoda finger puppet on his hand that gives out advice. The weird thing: Yoda is always right! The force really is with origami Yoda! Yoda helps kids do better in...

Lord Sunday

by Garth Nix

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This is the last book in the Keys to the Kingdom series and there are lots of surprises for Arthur! He has to fight against Superior Saturday, Lord Sunday, AND the Piper to try to restore the house before the Nothing takes over. Can Arthur find his way across the...

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