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Real Estate 101: Find a Great Realtor!

Who, what, where, how?? I am pulling my hair out! So many questions and not enough answers. Finding a real estate agent that you like, trust, and is great in real estate is legitimately a job!

The good house : a novel

by Ann Leary

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Despite being in complete denial about her alcoholism, Hildy Good has made a name for herself as a successful real estate agent.  Acting as a conduit between land-rich locals and the truly rich outsiders moving to her picturesque New England town, Hildy smartly navigates the social scene and her own weaknesses. 

Twelve rooms with a view : a novel

by Theresa Rebeck

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The contested inheritance of a multimillion dollar piece of historic New York real estate pits siblings and strangers against one another in a hilarious battle of the "will". In straightforward, unstinting language, we meet an unapologetically flawed protagonist and a bevy of other characters. As is the case in real life, in...

The last good chance : a novel

by Tom Barbash

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Nationally recognized urban planner, Jack Lambeau, has returned to his hometown in upstate New York a hero. Tasked with breathing new life into this dying, former industry town, Jack rallies citizens, politicians and businessmen around his brilliant and inspiring plans for a thriving renewal. But before the new boardwalks and...

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