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Raising Kanye : life lessons from the mother of a hip-hop superstar

by Donda West

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Popular media thrives on highlighting performers' eccentricities and foibles. Kanye West has been criticized about politics, ill-timed public shares, and his personal life. But it always struck me that Kanye was true to himself, no matter the consequences. So how did he become so impervious to overt hostility? One answer:...

Chemically Imbalanced

by Chris Webby

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One of my favorite things about the library is being able to discover new hip hop artists that I've never heard of before.  Chris Webby is the most recent.  Even though I only discovered him a month ago, he's been doing music in the form of mix tapes since at least...


Honestly, Rap/Hip Hop seem to have really taken a nose dive during this last decade compared to those before it! The verses make no sense; there's no storytelling, no meaning; the hooks are extremely mainstream/popish; and beats are all about bass. Honestly, most songs are absolutely ridiculous. Man, what happened?! Did you, Artist, cash your checks and check out? Seriously!

The Mount Rushmore of Rap

Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of rappers?

R.A.P. music

by Killer Mike (Rapper)

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Killer Mike has been around for awhile. A member of the Dungeon Family (named for their recording studio in Atlanta), he first came onto the scene as a feature on Outkast’s 2000 LP Stankonia.  Since then, he’s contributed to hit tracks by both Dr. Dre and Jay-Z. His debut album...

Flobots: The Circle in the Square

Cover of the Flobots latest album, The Circle in the Square

If music was like sports, the Flobots might be Denver's home team. This socially conscious hip hop band is a major local community player, and they have both an upcoming album and a couple of concerts happening in the very near future.

No song by the Flobots is unremarkable, but listeners less familiar may remember them by their first major hit from the 2005 album Fight With Tools, "Handlebars," which captivated minds and gained the group international recognition.

Yasiin Bey is Mos Def

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def)

Mos Def, who announced last month that he will now be known as Yasiin Bey, is back with Talib Kweli performing as the unique hip hop act, Black Star. These guys are both amazing on their own, and together they're dynamite. They've gone underground and independent now, but they've each built up a strong legacy of albums and films to study up on while we await whatever they might come out with next!

Yasiin's solo debut in 1996 was called Universal Magnetic. In 1999, he teamed up with Talib Kweli, known for being a "conscientious rapper" whose lyrical focus is on black self-worth and social empowerment. They came out with one of the greatest rap albums of the day, Mos Def and Talib Kweli Are...Black Star. The same year, Yasiin came out with the solo album Black on Both Sides.

Mile High Music Festival

Mile High Music Festival (poster)

If you hear a ruckus coming from The Fields at Dick's Sporting Goods Park this weekend, it's just the Mile High Music Festival. 45 musical artists will be playing August 14 and 15, including some of the hottest bands out there!

The lineup is stellar. Many have released a new album this year!

Snoop Loves Sookie

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While many of us love the HBO show True Blood and the books written by Charlaine Harris, no one else can say it like Snoop Dogg.

While the video might not be to everyone's tastes, it is sure to make any true fan cheer. I don't know about you, but I'd take a gin and juice at Merlotte's!


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