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by A. Scott Berg

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Wilson is a comprehensive biography of our 28th president, Woodrow Wilson.  Berg covers all aspects of this complex figure’s life: his political life, historical significance, personal life and religious beliefs. 

A. Scott Berg is a Pulitzer Prize winning author.  He has written several other highly acclaimed biographies including Lindbergh and Goldwyn. ...

Jack Kennedy : elusive hero

by Christopher Matthews

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This book  is written as if we can see and feel JFK up close.  Most of us knew where we were at the time of President Kennedy's  assassination.  This book is based on personal interviews.  You will discover his role in the Peace Corps, his stand on civil rights, his...

Presidential Fiction

Abraham Lincoln continues to enthrall writers, readers and historians. Lincoln once said, "The things I want to know are in books. My best friend is the man who'll get me a book I [haven't] read." Have you read these fictionalized accounts of Lincoln's extraordinary life?

Happy Birthday President Obama!

President Obama celebrates his 49th birthday August 3. Did you know that he has won Grammys for both his audio books? Did you sign his birthday card?

There have been many books written about the President, documenting his first term in office and his life before.

Penned by the President

About the Obamas

On This Day in History - June 15

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James K. Polk, eleventh President of the United States died on this date in 1849 in Nashville, Tennessee. Polk is best known for an incredibly successful one-term presidency, after which he declined a second term.

Like all Presidents, James Knox Polk was a politician, a businessman, but above all, a human being prone to error like the rest of us. While he is credited with having a successful presidency, his actions during his presidency provoked the Mexican War and perhaps even the Civil War.

The President's daughter

by Ellen Emerson White

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What would it be like to be the daughter of the President of the United States? Not to mention the daughter of the first FEMALE President! Meet Meg Powers. She's grown up around politics and politicians, sure. Her family is used to being home near Boston while her mom is...

Playing president : my close encounters with Nixon, Carter, Bush I, Reagan, and Clinton-- and how they did not prepare me for George W. Bush

by Robert Scheer

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Scheer, a hard-hitting journalist for the Los Angeles Times and other rags, reviews interviews with and columns about Nixon, Carter (the one about his lustful heart), Reagan, Bush I (the one in which he said there could be a nuclear war winner), and Clinton. He's never met Bush II but...

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