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Poems that make grown men cry : 100 men on the words that move them

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I am one of those poetry lovers who tends to read the same poets over and over -- once someone's work grabs me, I devote myself to excavating all the things I missed during the first or second read.  I trust them to reward my devotion with new insights, which...

2014 Spur Awards

Light of the World by James Lee Burke

The Spur Award was initiated in 1953 by the Western Writers of America to recognize the best in Western fiction. Over the years, the award grew in number to acknowledge the diversity of Western literature for adults, teens, and children. If you are looking for a story "full of souls filled with concern, fear, joy and desire," you won't be disappointed with one of these award winning Westerns.

Personalized Reading Lists: Dive Into Some Great Recent Nonfiction Reads

Our librarians love creating Personalized Reading Lists for DPL customers. If you haven't requested your list yet, we want you to know what you're missing! Each month in this column, we feature a recently-created reading list to give you a taste of what to expect from the service.

100 Years of Bierceitude

Ambrose Bierce, posing with an erstwhile critic

It was one hundred years ago today... or maybe yesterday. Or it could have been one hundred years ago two months from now. The point is that roughly a century ago, after leaving Washington D.C. at age 71 to join Pancho Villa's army and making it as far as at least Chihuahua, American author Ambrose Bierce disappeared.

Where I live : new & selected poems, 1990-2010

by Maxine Kumin

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Every time I read poetry, I discover something new. In this case, Maxine Kumin’s poetry is an example of poems that tell a story.  They evoke imagery not just emotion.  Kumin who recently passed away at age 88 was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet, served as poetry consultant to the...

Personalized Reading Lists: Marriage Stories

For the librarians on the Personalized Reading List team, making custom lists is one of the best parts of our job! We've been going strong for over a year now and, to date, we've completed over 400 personalized lists for our customers. Each list is unique, consisting of titles hand-selected by a librarian based on that customer's preferences. If you haven't requested your list yet, we want you to know what you're missing! Each month in this new column, we'll feature a recently-created list to give you a taste of what to expect from this new service.

Follow follow : a book of reverso poems

by Marilyn Singer

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I picked up Follow Follow because it was recommended as one of the best and brightest of 2013 by Denver Public Library’s librarians. It is the second in a series of “Reverso” poems, a poem form created by author, Marilyn Singer, where a poem (usually about a fairy tale) is...

Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Learners

The Night Circus

Every five years, the Young Adult Library Services Association creates a list of Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Learners in collaboration with academic librarians.

Whether you are a high school student thinking of heading off to college soon, an adult considering returning to school, or at any stage in your life and wanting some direction in your continuing education, the 2014 list is a diverse group of books, nonfiction and fiction, in various categories, that will expand your thoughts about the world around you. The books are at different reading levels and in different formats, and there's something here that should both interest and challenge nearly anyone interested in feeding their mind.

Aimless love a selection of poems

by Billy Collins

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If you haven't read former poet laureate, Billy Collins, before, you're in for a  treat. If you've always been put off by poetry because it's so serious and unfathomable, I encourage you to give Collins a try. He's your "everyman poet." We're not talking about lengthy descriptions of Grecian pottery...

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