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Ahoy, Mateys!


Avast! Me Hearties! September 19th is International Talk like a Pirate Day! If you aren't hunting for buried treasure or plundering the seven seas -get your buccaneer on with these shipshape books on pirates!

Pirates! in an Adventure with Napoleon

by Gideon Defoe

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The Pirate Captain and his crew of scalawags are at it again in this fourth installment of the diversionary Adventures With series. Having failed, once again, to win the Pirate of the Year award, the Pirate Captain decides to try his hand at beekeeping and politics, with tragic results. This...

Gulliver Snip

by Julia Kay

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The bathtub can be a great place for imaginary adventures. In this swashbuckling adventure story, Gulliver Snip imagines that his bathtub is a pirate ship. The rhyming text tells the tale of Gulliver's adventures while the illustrations show what Gulliver is imagining as well as what is really happening in...

The pirates! : in an adventure with scientists

by Gideon Defoe

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In what may well be the funniest novel of 2004, the Pirate Captain and his salty crew embark on a raucous adventure, brimming with pirate culture and awash with interesting, historical celebs. Reminiscent in tone to Richard Brautigan's best works, Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists is simultaneously brilliant and absurd.

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