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Kitty and the Midnight Hour.

by Carrie Vaughn

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Carrie Vaughn is a Colorado author who writes the "Kitty Norville" series. "Kitty and the Midnight Hour" is set in Denver, Colorado. Kitty is a midnight DJ who hosts an advice/talk show geared towards the paranormal. Kitty is paranormal herself. She has been a werewolf for about 3 years. She...

Help for the haunted

by John Searles

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I found this book a little off-putting at first. It has a certain dreary, distancing feel at the beginning that morphs into genuine creepiness rather quickly. The narrator, Sylvie, is trying to cope with the murder of her parents, a neglectful, angry older sister, and her uncertainty regarding what she witnessed...

Tempest rising

by Nicole Peeler

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This is the first book that I have read by Peeler. It’s also the first book in the series of fast-paced funny paranormal romances.

This series was recommended to me because of my fondness for the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Both series have strong female characters that grew up and live in...

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