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Headstone City.

by Tom Piccirilli

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True confession: The cover made me read this book. I am a fan of Find a Grave and I can't resist a good headstone cover especially with the tagline "Where the dying come to live."

Roaring Twenties

I confess--I often judge books by their covers. That is, I'm quickly drawn to things that have great design and a sense of style. So while I haven't seen a single episode of HBO's acclaimed series Boardwalk Empire, about Prohibition-era Atlantic City, I love the glitz, glamour, and gaudiness of the 1920s that it depicts.

If you've seen Boardwalk Empire, or even if, like me, you haven't, you might be interested in these books and movies related to the Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, and the Mob that ruled it all.


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