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The boys in the boat [nine Americans and their epic quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics]

by Daniel Brown

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Part history, part biography, I thought that this book would be about just the main character, Joe Rantz, and the crew team he was part of. But the book covered so much more! It includes the history of George Pocock and the development of his boats, the great depression, the...

Unbroken : a World War II airman's story of survival, resilience, and redemption

by Laura Hillenbrand

It seems like everyone has read this book already, but it took a personal recommendation for me to pick it up, and I'm so glad that I did. Not because I enjoyed the story--this harrowing portrait of how people can treat each other was hard to read at times--but because...

Winter Sports Films

Not enough winter sports on TV for you? Check out this list of seriously cool winter sports films. Featuring the best and funniest of hockey, ice skating, curling, and skiing films.

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