Reviews and Blog Posts: New England

The winter people

by Jennifer McMahon

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I just finished this book and enjoyed it so much that I've been trying to convince everyone around me to read it too so we can revel in the creepy fun of it together.

It's the story of a family whose search for their suddenly disappeared mother leads them to discover...

Falling into place : an intimate geography of home

by Catherine Reid

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A lovely book of essays that examine our connection to nature, the cycle of the seasons, and the meaning of home. Reid writes about the natural landscape and her inner landscape with equal attention to deal and joy at discovery. A beautiful book to delve into if you're missing natural...

The good house : a novel

by Ann Leary

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Despite being in complete denial about her alcoholism, Hildy Good has made a name for herself as a successful real estate agent.  Acting as a conduit between land-rich locals and the truly rich outsiders moving to her picturesque New England town, Hildy smartly navigates the social scene and her own weaknesses. 

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