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Listening for the Tommyknockers

Tommyknockers in a Mine. Joseph Blight, 1873

'Ave you 'eard of the Tommy Knockers
In the deep dark mines of the west
Which Cornish miners 'ear?
And 'tis no laughin' jest,
For I'm a Cornish miner,
An' I'll tell you of it today,
Of the "knock-knock-knock" of a tiny pick,
As we work in the rock and clay.

- Old miner's ballad

Precious and the Boo Hag

by Pat McKissack

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    Not many people know about the Gullah people of coastal South Carolina and fewer people know about their culture, myths and legends. For this reason I jumped at the chance to review this book. In it, we meet a young girl called Precious who must stay at home...

The League of Seven

by Alan Gratz

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  Alex is a normal twelve-year-old, only son to two devoted if slightly quirky parents. He hasn't a care in the world until a routine visit to a secret society with his parents leads to them being overpowered by a weird mind-controlling force. Alfie together with his trusty robot Mr. Rivets...

Joseph Campbell and the power of myth

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I really enjoyed watching and re-watching this series of interviews from Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers. He has an elegant and dazzling way of gathering myths from around the world and explaining their meanings and similarities.  The interviews were conducted the last two summers before Joseph Campbell passed away and...

Windigo thrall

by Cate Culpepper

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If you like your books to have lesbian main characters, but are tired of the traditional romance formula and want something a bit different, try Windigo Thrall. Culpepper's latest is all about the horror and suspense, with a creepy snowed in cabin near Mt. Ranier setting. Six women are there...

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