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Joseph Campbell and the power of myth

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I really enjoyed watching and re-watching this series of interviews from Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers. He has an elegant and dazzling way of gathering myths from around the world and explaining their meanings and similarities.  The interviews were conducted the last two summers before Joseph Campbell passed away and...


by Kevin Hearne

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This first volume of the Iron Druid Chronicles introduces us to the world's last surviving druid, 2100 year-old Atticus O'Sullivan and his faithful companion, Oberon (an Irish wolfhound that can talk to Atticus telepathically). Atticus has been peacefully hiding from the forces of faerie for centuries, but now a pissed...

Sister Mine

by Nalo Hopkinson

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Born into a family with mojo, Makeda has none, and the separation from her conjoined twin left Abby with a permanent limp. In an effort to get out from under her collective family’s thumb (and get on with her life as a ‘regular’ human), Makeda moves out and that’s when...

Hammer time! Thor's not just a comic book movie (really)

Thor DVD cover

Kenneth Branagh's Thor, coming to DVD this week, is more than just the latest superhero movie from Marvel Studios (tying in to the Iron Man and Hulk movies), it is also (loosely) based on classic Norse mythology. That combination gives those interested a lot to check out....

In 1962, Stan Lee thought it might be "fun" to use the Norse mythology as a starting point for a new character. The result was Thor.

The movie adaptation of the comic book deals with the Viking legend source material, introducing various Norse gods (though these versions are a lot more like their Marvel comics versions than the originals). Kenneth Branagh partially got the job directing because he was familiar with family troubles between classical royalty after his Shakespeare adaptations.

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