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Stevie Wonder...The Legend

Since I was a little girl, I have been a fan of Stevie Wonder and his music. I grew up on Stevie Wonder and have always wanted to experience the live version of his musical genius.

Saturday Sessions: Go Island with Toco Bay

If any music can be said to have charms to soothe the savage breast -- it just might be the ebullient sounds of Caribbean steel drums. Originally coming to the fore during WWII in Trinidad, steel drums were developed by African slaves who were brought to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago to work on French and Spanish plantations. The music of these instruments became a direct link to the music of their homeland. 

This Saturday, Denver Public Library hosts Toco Bay, the Colorado duo that uses steel pans to create a beautiful and joyous concert.

Under pressure

by composer Logic (Rapper)

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I constantly find myself in search of true hip hop, so I was intrigued when a coworker suggested I listen to the album Under Pressure by Logic.  I was pleasantly surprised by Logic’s ability to actually tell a story his storytelling reminds me of Kendrick Lamar and his flow pattern...

Jersey boys

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I really enjoyed this movie. I love the effort that went into the costume and set design. It definitely paid homage to the origins of the movie, a Broadway musical.  I am not sure who wrote the screenplay, but I think keeping to the musical essence of the story is...

New Tunes Tuesday 12/30/14

Volume Denver drink coaster

Greetings, ravenous music fans who are athirst for locally sourced music!

We have four new additions to the VOLUME website this week!

First up we have Dragondeer with their EP 'Don't That Feel Good'.
'Don't That Feel Good' stomps it's way out of the gates with the fantastic song of the same name setting the pace for the album to travel on through many fine permutations of the Blues genre.

Holiday Cheer!

​This time of year we all spend a lot of time buzzing around - shopping, going to holiday parties and attending holiday events. Sometimes this constant non-stop list of activities make it very hard to actually enjoy the season. If you are having a hard time getting into the spirit, join us this Saturday, December 13th for some fun holiday programming!

Defining Documentaries

Girl Rising

As film festivals go, DOC NYC is one of the largest documentary film festivals in the world.

Round 2 of Volume Starts Now!

Are you ready for some great new local music? I hope so, because we've just finished reviewing the second round of submissions for Volume, our local music site. We received over 60 submissions this time around, and have chosen the albums that will be used. We're working with the musicians on the paperwork, and on our technical end to get the music loaded. We'll be releasing new albums, every Tuesday, as we're ready (again, DRM- and $$$-free to DPL cardholders!).


by composer Hozier

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Hozier’s self-titled debut album is pure magic. I’m concerned that he will not be able to outdo himself and make a better album after this one!

Secondhand rapture

by Ms Mr (Musical group)

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The duo MS MR ( pronounced-Miz Mister) are a New-York based group who consist of Lizzy Palpinger and Max Hershenow.  In their debut album Secondhand Rapture, the duo has an outstanding way of blending pop with a melancholy dark tone that produces great music. Lizzy’s voice is powerful, pure and...

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