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Murder rooms the dark beginnings of Sherlock Holmes

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This is a two-part BBC television drama that reveals the inspiration behind the character of the famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.  Dr. Joseph Bell, portrayed by Ian Richardson, is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's clever mentor operating more or less as an early forensics specialist to solve murders that confound the...

I hunt killers

by Barry Lyga

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I have read many Young Adult novels however; I have not read any in the thriller/horror genre.  Recently, I  read, I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga.

Delia's shadow

by Jaime Lee Moyer

Delia Martin has always seen ghosts. She tried to run from her cursed gift after the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 killed both her parents and new ghosts swelled her city's streets, but a very persistent ghost has started to follow her everywhere, including her dreams, and Delia needs to...

Where monsters dwell

by Jørgen Brekke

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This is the ultimate in crossover mystery and thriller. There’s history, international travel, murder in locked rooms, romance, you name it, it’s here.  That said, I got caught up in this book.  This mystery thriller alternates between the life of Brother Johannes in the 1500s and a pair of modern...

Midnight crossroad

by Charlaine Harris

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There’s a town in Texas called Midnight that has a lot of secrets and a lot of slightly askew inhabitants.  There’s a new neighbor, Manfred Bernardo, he runs a number of physic hotlines for a living – using psychology and psychic ability. The book is about him meeting the rest...

Winners of the Agatha and Edgar awards are in!

Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel

On May 1, 2014 the Mystery Writers of America chose the winners for their prestigious Edgar Award. Here is a list of the winner for each category.

Get in touch with your inner sleuth...

During the first week of May, two events will take place that have to do with murder and mystery. Swanky awards ceremonies will be held for mystery writers and their fans. Read on and test your powers of deduction to see if you can figure out which books will take the prize.

Frozen heat

by Richard Castle

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This fourth book in the meta-fictional Nikki Heat series, based on the Castle television show, is the best so far. Written in the same tone as the show, and paralleling key plot points and character arcs, these books within the TV show are perfect companion pieces. Johnny Heller's reading fits...

Books can be deceiving

by Jenn McKinlay

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As the first book of the Library Lover's Mysteries, this book was a charming, quick read. The story was a well rounded mystery, with a homespun feel. The characters were amusing and witty, and the story was engaging. All in all, it was cute, but not amazing. This would be...

The big exit

by David Carnoy

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Rick Forman recently got out of prison.  He’s been away for seven years, serving time for vehicular homicide.  He always claimed he wasn’t the one driving.  He says his best friend, Mark MacGregor, was behind the wheel.  While Rick was in prison, Mark married the woman who had been Rick’s...

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