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The professor's daughter

by Joann Sfar

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Sfar writes a fun, zany story and Emmanuel Guibert gives it life with perfectly matched graphic art. When Egyptologist Professor Bowell leaves town on business, his daughter Lillian and prized mummy Imhotep IV decide to spend the day together exploring Victorian London. On the surface, Lillian and Imhotep IV don't seem to have much...

I Want My Mummy!


As a youth nearly everyone goes through an Egyptology phase, right?

Well, mine never really went away, though it did morph into something a bit different. No longer intrigued by pictographic writing, or ceremonies dedicated to sun gods, now I'm just fascinated with human fruit leathers, people pickled in bogs, or dehydrated on steppes, MUMMIES! There is a touring exhibition going around the US right now called Mummies of the World. Currently the exhibition is in Salt Lake City, UT until the end of May and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it comes to Denver!

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