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Everything leads to you

by Nina LaCour

A story of connection, family, the power of movies, and the power of the stories we tell ourselves, Emi Price's summer is captivating. She's just graduated from high school, has been working as set design intern for a movie studio for years, and has just gotten a big break and...

Cuba 15

by Nancy Osa

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Violeta Paz has just turned fifteen years old, and her Cuban grandmother insists that she must have a quinceañera, a traditional coming-of-age celebration for young women.  The party is supposed to mark her transition into young womanhood, but Violeta just isn’t sure if all the tulle and dancing is for...


Mexican Sun and Moon June 15 at 2-4 p.m.

Do you like to… be creative? Be inspired by stories from around the world? Learn new words in Spanish? Try traditional foods?
I want to invite you, your family and your friends to our awesome ART SATURDAY program at Byers Branch Library on Saturday, June 15 from 2–4 p.m.

Surrounded by theaters, art galleries and museums, recording studios, antique shops, unique restaurants, and much more, Byers Branch Library is located in the heart of the Art District on Santa Fe.

Travel Around The World At The Library! (Passport Not Required)

Do you love to travel? Or wish you had more time to travel? Join us at the library for an exploration of world music, culture, photography, and even tips for traveling with young children. You'll be ready to set off on your own adventure!

In this Introduction to World Music, you can play a flute, sing a song in Spanish, clap a Caribbean rhythm, and dance a samba! We'll play music from around the world and learn about geography and culture. Please register: 720-865-0135 or Saturday, June 8 at 2 p.m. at the Ross-Broadway Branch.

The wrap-up list

by Steven Arntson

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Gabriela has received a letter from her Death, Hercule. She has one week left to live, and not much she can do about it. She is allowed to submit a wrap-up list, things she'd like to do before she goes. She can also ask for a Pardon, which she'll only...

The letter Q : queer writers' notes to their younger selves

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The Letter Q includes more than 60 writers, and what they would say to their teen selves if they could. All of these writers grew up to be proudly gay, lesbian, or bisexual, and their consistent message to their younger selves is that life will change, that it will change...

172 hours on the moon : a novel

by Johan Harstad

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Would you enter a lottery for a chance to spend a week on the moon? What if you knew there was a chance that you'd never come back? NASA is trying to revitalize the space program and get everyone excited about moon exploration, years after the first Apollo flights. They...

Trickster : Native American tales : a graphic collection

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This is a great collection of illustrated trickster tales told by Native Americans. The art is really diverse ranging from stuff you'd see in the newspaper comics to really beautiful and well drawn. My favorites are Giddy Up, Wolfie where Chuckfi the rabbit woos Nashoba-Tek, a female wolf and How...

Secret science alliance and the copycat crook

by Eleanor Davis

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Julian the ultra nerd has moved to a new town, and decides to try to act like everyone else so that he won't be teased and can make friends. But it's hard to turn off your super-smart brain! After Julian reveals his smarts, he receives an encrypted note, which eventually...

Happy belly, happy smile

by Rachel Isadora

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Louie's very favorite place is his grandfather's Chinese restaurant - he goes there every Friday night. Join Louie and meet the people who work in the kitchen and the customers from around the neighborhood who eat there. The collage pictures in this book are so cool! See if you can...

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