Reviews and Blog Posts: morality

Dear killer

by Katherine Ewell

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Only Kit and her mother know that Kit is London's feared "Perfect Killer." At 17, she's been a murderer for hire for years, and lives by the code her mother has taught her: Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Be careful. Don't be anything but perfect. But Kit's carefully segmented...

Mass effect : revelation

by Drew Karpyshyn

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This book is a pretty good read, and great for anyone who has questions after playing the first mass effect game. I think they go great together. But it's definitely a good stand alone novel as well if you aren't the video game type.

The universe versus Alex Woods

by Gavin Extence

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Alex Woods hasn't had a typical life. Struck in the head by a meteor at age 10, he developed epilepsy. He's bookish and a target for bullies at school, and finds his friends elsewhere--in the scientist who first examined "his" meteor, in his neurologist, and, by chance, in Mr. Peterson,...

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