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Tween Books about Suicide

In a recent blog post, Michele Haiken, a middle school teacher in Rye, New York, shared a personal story about teen suicide, explored often missed warning signs that a teen might be suicidal, and then listed what she considers the best young adult books on the topic. Her blog post is moving and important, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about teen suicide.


by Svetlana Chmakova

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Awkwardness makes me squirm in all forms of media. It's pretty hard to get me to watch a Rom-Com primarily because of the "before they fall in love" awkwardness. Needless to say, I was pushed to read this from colleagues and it was most definitely worth it.

The troubles of Johnny Cannon

by Isaiah Campbell

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    Can a book designed for middle grade readers combine the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War and be funny, exciting and informative?  After reading this book I would have to say yes. Isaiah Campbell has crafted a novel that is hard to put down as he traces...

Ava and Pip

by Carol Weston

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10 year old Ava Wren is an outgoing word nerd whose biggest annoyance is being constantly overshadowed at home by her shy older sister, Pip. She understands why most of the time, because Pip is not just shy, but painfully shy. Like, barely says two words on any given day at...

Jedi Academy

by Jeffrey Brown

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Jeffrey Brown takes a Star Wars story and fits it into the mold of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The result is lots of fun.


by Raina Telgemeier

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The author recounts her middle and high school years in this graphic format memoir that revolves around friendship, self-discovery, and dental work. What made Raina's middle school years even more trying than usual was the fact that she fell and lost her 2 front teeth when she was in 6th...

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