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Kick-Ass 3

by Mark Millar

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Rather than review each single volume in the franchise, I've chosen to review the Kick-Ass series of graphic novels as a whole with this installment. 

Black Widow. Volume 1, The finely woven thread

by Nathan Edmondson

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What is Natasha Romanov doing when she's not out saving the world with the Avengers or using her unique talents in service to S.H.E.I.L.D.? She'd probably rather you not know. She's private like that. But here we get to follow her exploits in trying to atone for her past as...

Iron Man 2 Rocks On

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Iron Man 2 soars this weekend making a reported $7.5 million on midnight sales alone. 

Falling short of overtaking the highest grossing comic book movie of all time (so far), The Dark Knight, Iron Man 2 has been well received by the public and critics alike.

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