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How we'll live on Mars

by Stephen L. Petranek

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I’ve wanted to go to space basically my entire life. One thing that’s always interested me is how we’ll live there- what you can eat, how a different gravity will feel, and if a human could really handle never being outside in the open air again. How We’ll Live on...

The Martian : a novel

by Andy Weir

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This fast-paced, high tension debut novel had me breathless at times, laughing at others. Astronaut  (and mechanical engineer, and botanist) Mark Watney has been abandoned on Mars after a scrubbed mission, presumed dead. He has some supplies, shelter, some food. But not enough of any of it to last until...


by Warren Ellis

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Orbiter is a short and fantastical story about the mysterious return of the shuttle Venture. After Venture and its crew disappeared ten years ago, the world favored safety over curiosity and abandoned the idea of manned space flight. Now, the seemingly underemployed veterans of the space program must investigate Venture’s...

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