Reviews and Blog Posts: Maine

The boy who drew monsters : a novel

by Keith Donohue

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Set on the isolated coast of Maine during winter, this book will creep you out whether you're reading it during a snowstorm or during the heat of summer. Jack Peter has always been a little different--he has Asperger's. But that difference got even more profound when he was 7, and...

Massacre pond : a novel

by Paul Doiron

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This is the fourth entry in the Mike Bowditch Game Warden series, which is a fascinating look at the Maine woods area that Mike patrols. In this episode, a series of increasingly violent events occurs when a wealthy woman buys up thousands of acres in the area and wants to turn...

Pocketful of names

by Joe Coomer

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There are "three things worth doing in life: making something new, caring for something old, and finding something lost." An artist living a contemplative existence on a tiny island off the coast of Maine encounters all three in a single year of change and discovery. Happily resigned to a solitary...

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