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Kitchens of the great Midwest

by J. Ryan Stradal

Reviewer Rating:

3 and a half stars, actually. This book is so much more clever than I gave it credit for/expected at the outset. I thought it was going to be a foodie story, maybe a bit more like memoir. It was a foodie story, but fully contextualized -- including newer understandings...

Fabulous Farmers' Markets

Not ready to grow your own vegetables but still want to partake of the freshest produce? Farmers' Markets are a dream come true. From flowers, artisan bread, local honey, pastas and vegetables - the Farmers' Market has it all! It's easy to find the closest one, and they often go until Halloween!

My favorite farmers' market is the Old South Pearl Street Farmers' Market. Featuring the best of my neighborhood and the rest of Colorado, it's always a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Which local Farmers' Market is your favorite? Even when the season is over, you can still partake of the best of Colorado's produce by joining a local CSA!

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