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Red rain

by R. L. Stine

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If you spent your childhood staying up nights reading the latest Goosebumps book and are feeling nostalgic for R.L. Stine’s brand of horror you may be excited to hear about Red Rain, his recently released horror novel for adults.  Back are his page-turning plot details, a bit more gruesome and...

Library of the Living Dead: Preparing the Central Library for the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies Are Coming

We’ve been hearing about the upcoming zombie apocalypse for quite some time—even the CDC has a zombie preparedness web page! Even though it’s coming, not many people have taken the steps to prepare themselves. The teens at the Central Library decided to remedy this problem. With tons of books about zombies, maps of the Central Library, and a lot of creativity, the teens created a zombie safety plan.

Some of the teens worked on a detailed map showing how we could help with triage and defense. Almost everyone made zombie warning signs and contributed to a list of things we would need at Central to keep safe. After the teens finished, we presented our plan to a member of DPL’s security team. If they implement all of the teens’ requests, you will soon see guard bears and salt moats around all of our branches.

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