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If this isn't nice, what is? : advice for the young : the graduation speeches

by Kurt Vonnegut

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I am a big fan of commencement speeches so I was keenly interested in what Vonnegut had to say. The essay by Dan Wakefield, Vonnegut's friend and fellow writer, is not just a reminder of what Vonnegut has experienced in his life as a war veteran but also revealed a man...

Virtual Connections in the Real World


Sometimes you meet people online and you may never actually see them face-to-face. With Skype and Face Time and online classrooms, this scenario is completely feasible.

But what's super fun about social networking is what can happen after the laptop or the iPad is powered down. The web can be a great way to meet real people with similar interests -- in the real world!

Spring, summer, fall, winter-- and spring

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This beautiful Korean film about two Buddhist monks brings the stories of nature and change, humanity and redemption to life without preaching.

Garden State

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Not a big fan of Scrubs? Don't worry. This is a very different Zach Braff in a beautiful film about coming home, growing up, and coming to terms with yourself and your life. Pain is a part of life; joy is a part of life. This life is all you...

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