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The strange library

by Haruki Murakami

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A lovely, little hopeless fairy tale, which reminded me that I prefer my fairy tales like this. The pictures are wonderful and as you could expect Murakami makes you very hungry with his beautiful descriptions of food. It doesn't hurt that it takes place in a library with a terrifying labyrinth underneath....

Net Neutrality and why it really 900 words.


Net Neutrality is a phrase that’s been in the news a lot lately, and it’s not a simple thing to explain. But often, important things are not simple things. Net neutrality matters to anyone who uses or will use the internet, whether at home or at places like public libraries, schools or community organizations.

Lola at the library

by Anna McQuinn

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It's Tuesday--a very special day for Lola and her mommy. That's the day they go to the library, hear stories with other children and pick out books to take home. If Lola is good, they stop for a special treat. And each night, Lola gets to hear a story that...

The night bookmobile

by Audrey Niffenegger

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I wanted to give this at least an two-star rating, but I can't. As an avid reader and librarian, there are many elements of the story that I find appealing and intriguing, but ultimately it fails for me on two counts. First, I don't particularly like Niffenegger's artistic style. For...

Miss Brooks loves books (and I don't)

by Barbara Bottner

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I love picture books! And Miss Brooks loves books is no exception. You can pick up a copy in ebook or regular book form so if you have a preference, this book has you covered either way. The pictures are what really makes this book pop. They are colorful and...

Message from City Librarian: Letter to the Editor: We are Relevant

The Denver Post recently wrote an article about how libraries need to reinvent themselves in the digital age titled: "Digital update for the public library" (12/7/11).

The article states “Libraries will look very different in the digital age, and they must," and also questions how DPL will remain relevant. We have a lot of data and many success stories to demonstrate our relevance. In the coming months as we engage the community to talk about our future and sustainable funding, these stories will be told.

In the meantime, here is the letter to the editor I submitted in response to the article (note, I was limited to about 150 words).

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