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  In graduate school I was lucky to have not one but two professors from Chile and so I learned a bit  about the terrible events of the late 70s in that country. One of them recounted to us how he left Chile with money sown into his jacket while...

Plaza Voices: National Poetry Month

Argentinian writer Alfonsina Storni.

Nadia R., a DPL Plaza staff member, writes:

We love American poetry! Who hasn’t enjoyed the rural scenarios of Robert Frost, the boldness of Maya Angelou, the mysterious darkness of Edgar Allan Poe, and the work of many more great American poets?

The Book of Unknown Americans

by Cristina Henraiquez

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Arturo and Alma had a peaceful life in Mexico until their teenaged daughter, Maribel, suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Stricken with grief and afraid for her future, the family decides to immigrate to the United states, with the hopes of enrolling Maribel in a special school. However, once they reach...

Gabriel García Márquez, 1927-2014

Gabriel García Márquez, photo

Gabriel García Márquez died yesterday at the age of 87. NPR has a great audio remembrance of his life and legacy. It mentions his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize for Literature he won in 1982. If you've never read it, it's an amazing speech, weaving together the magic and reality of Latin America in a beautiful piece of writing that's moving, sad in parts, and insightful, yet filled with touches of delight and humor--and ultimately hopeful.

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