Reviews and Blog Posts: Korean war

Snow hunters : a novel

by Paul Yoon

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Don't mistake this short book for a quick read--the language is spare and poetic, meant to be savored. Yohan was a POW during the Korean war, and has moved to Brazil to be a Japanese tailor's apprentice rather than returning to his home town. Here, he learns to mend clothes,...

Satori : a novel based on Trevanian's Shibumi

by Don Winslow

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sa•to•ri  noun  /sə-’tôr-ē/
     : Sudden enlightenment ; a state of consciousness attained
        by intuitive illumination


by Toni Morrison

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Toni Morrison's latest masterpiece, this slim volume holds a world of hurt and sorrow.  Morrison masterfully portrays a man trying to go home again when home is not a welcoming place.

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