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The cape

by Jason Ciaramella

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I picked up The Cape simply because I recognized Joe Hill’s name on the cover, which should have been a warning from the first. I do not usually enjoy the horror genre, but the premise piqued my interest. What if there was a cape that granted the wearer the ability...

NOS4A2 : a novel

by Joe Hill

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“Every man loves a hot girl with a history of making mistakes. Because it’s always possible she’ll make one with you.” -- Lou Carmody, NOS4A2

Joe Hill: Author worth watching

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New book by Joe Hill grabs readers by the "Horns" and doesn't let go!

Horns tells the story of Ignatius "Ig" Perrish, a very troubled young man who wakes up one morning to discover that he has sprouted horns on his head. Yes, "devil" horns. He has spent the night drinking himself to oblivion at the site where his girlfriend, Merrin Williams, was brutally raped and killed. To make matters worse, Ig is the main suspect.

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