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Ring Ring it’s a video call!

Whether you’re chatting with your grandkids, catching up with distant friends, collaborating with a colleague across the country, checking in with an incarcerated loved one or applying for a job out of state, video calling is increasingly part of everyday life. Skype, Facebook Videocalls and Google Hangouts all enable us to look into the eyes of the person we’re talking to.

Plaza Voices: "It's a Family Thing"

Baby playing with a toy in the Plaza program.

Hanako Ngalame comes many times each week to story times, craft times, and Plaza with her mom and siblings. She is growing up in the library, just like her brothers and sisters.

In the next picture you can see many of the sixteen people who participated in the pastel art workshop, presented by local artist Tony Ortega from the Art Students League of Denver.

You can also see people working on other projects. Three children were playing with our toys, and another two were making puzzles in the background. Four adults were working on computers, three of them looking for places to rent and one creating a resume. One man was getting help with the homework for his English class.

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