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The first Muslim : the story of Muhammad

by Lesley Hazleton

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An intriguing TED talk by the author, Lesley Hazleton, led me to The First Muslim. Hazleton talked about how strange people found it that she, an agnostic Jew, was writing a biography of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Her doubt about the existence of G-d, however, helped her identify with Muhammad’s initial...

On Saudi Arabia : its people, past, religion, fault lines-- and future

by Karen Elliott House

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​Karen Elliott House, a former political reporter who won the Pulitzer Prize, reported on politics in Saudi Arabia for many years. During that time, she says, she became more and more fascinated by the "ordinary" Saudis she met ​​and by their culture. It reminded her of the conservative, Christian, Texan...


by Craig Thompson

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Winner of the 2012 Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist

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