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Ring Ring it’s a video call!

Whether you’re chatting with your grandkids, catching up with distant friends, collaborating with a colleague across the country, checking in with an incarcerated loved one or applying for a job out of state, video calling is increasingly part of everyday life. Skype, Facebook Videocalls and Google Hangouts all enable us to look into the eyes of the person we’re talking to.

Voices from Chernobyl

by Svetlana. 1948- Aleksievich

This year's Nobel Laureate in Literature, Svetlana Alexievich composed Voices from Chernobyl. I read the first edition in Russian many years ago and remained permanently impressed because the text greatly diverges from the literature I previously read about the Chernobyl disaster.

Joss Whedon : conversations

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I have never really been a a big fan of biographies. Maybe it's because I have personally felt that knowing where a famous figure grew up is not particularly beneficial, except in trivia. But Conversations is formatted completely different from most biographies and it made it enjoyable to read. 

We killed : the rise of women in American comedy

by Yael Kohen

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The exploration of the heated question are women funny is fully and hilariously discussed in We Killed: the rise of women in American comedy. First of all, the chapters are divided into eras of comedy and the corresponding comedians and themes. If anyone is looking for a specific American female...

All there is : love stories from Storycorps

by Dave Isay

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This book is a collection of StoryCorps stories with the theme of love. "All There Is" groups the stories into love found, love lost and love found at last. StoryCorps is an American oral history project recording the voices and emotions of their storytellers. I listened to this book on...

Chef Daniel is an Avocado

Chef Daniel (image)

We're very excited to present you with the RootDown cooking demo series every Saturday in August from 10:30-12 in the B2 Conference Center.

RootDown is one of Denver's best healthy fine-dining restaurants, and Chef Daniel Asher is ready and willing to teach us how to make a fancy four course RootDown-style meal using local organic products! I recently had the opportunity to ask Daniel some personal questions about food, childhood and vices. Read on, reader:

You are undeniably passionate about ethical, healthy food. How did you eat as a kid? Did your passion start then, or later?

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