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Jitterbug perfume

by Tom Robbins

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Tom Robbins is one of my favorite authors because he can combine unrelated topics like immortality and perfumery and create poetic, flowery prose that borders on nonfiction. Like all Robbins novels Jitterbug Perfume is stylized, fanciful, and funny, but only Jitterbug Perfume features the defunct god Pan as a character...

Can obsession last for eternity?

The Taker by Alma Katsu

Can desire withstand immortality?

This is the theme explored by Alma Katsu in her engrossing novel "The Taker." Reminiscent of the earlier writings of Anne Rice, this novel plunges the reader into a dark world of beings cursed with the gift of immortality. This story spans centuries, but in the end it is the depth of characterization that keeps the reader riveted.

If you like your supernatural fiction with complex characters and dark subject matter then take "The Taker" and be prepared to be totally taken in.

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