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The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian

by Sherman Alexie

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is an impressive read; it has humor, illustrations, witty dialogue, friendship, tragedy, social commentary, and a protagonist, Junior, that you can't help but find endearing. Junior is a high-schooler who has lived on a reservation ("the rez") his entire life--much like his...

Lost cat : a true story of love, desperation, and GPS technology

by Caroline Paul

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This is an amusing illustrated story for any cat/pet lover. Many of us wonder what are pets are doing when we're not around. Author Caroline Paul and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton took this idea and ran with it after their cat Tibia disappeared for five weeks, then returned home. Where had...

Have you seen Marie?

by Sandra Cisneros

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This short, beautifully illustrated (by Ester Hernandez) fable for grownups is not merely about the lost black and white cat of the title. Sandra is feeling lost and wonders at her 53-year-old orphan status when a friend comes to visit her in San Antonio, and the friend's cat runs off....

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