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The writer's garden : how gardens inspired our best-loved authors

by Jackie Bennett

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The perfect book to read while you’re sitting in your garden or pretending you are in a garden.  Jackie Bennett takes you to visit 18 gardens in Britain and read about the 20 writers that were associated with these gardens.  Not only does she give you background on the authors...

A snail, really? Yes!

snail eating

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, really is about a wild snail eating. But it goes further and deeper than that - Bailey takes us on a literal and researched journey deep into the silence, patience and awed perception of a wild snail eating from her bedside as she recovers from her own illness.

This book was relatable and comforting for me as it explored the different levels of illness. Although a sometimes sad and difficult topic, this story's outlook became a mirror for my life and could for many other people who have experienced the emotional and mental obstacles of overcoming illness.

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