Reviews and Blog Posts: homophobia

Promise me something

by Sara Kocek

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Reyna has a lot to deal with. Her mom died seven years ago, and her dad has a new girlfriend. She's just started high school--at a different school than the rest of her friends. She's not sure where she fits in. Reyna doesn't really like Olive when she starts talking...

For colored boys who have considered suicide when the rainbow is still not enough : coming of age, coming out, and coming home

by Keith Boykin

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How would you respond to growing suicides in your community? Keith Boykin responded by publishing a call to action through a collection of memoirs by African American and Latino men. Winner of the 2013 Stonewall Book Award for Nonfiction, these raw stories of survival also offer Hope (with a capital H). If you only read what mainstream news reports, Boykin's outstanding...

The Brokeback book : from story to cultural phenomenon

by William R. Handley, editor

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Annie Proulx may have written the short story but Ang Lee started a national discussion.  The film Brokeback Mountain has been analyzed, parodied, and memorialized from the blogsphere to Saturday Night Live.  You don't need to be a film historian to appreciate the essays but seeing the film first is a...

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