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From animal house to our house : a love story

by Ron Tanner

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This book is so awesome!  Tanner defies reason and logic by purchasing a big, spooky, Victorian house in Baltimore with the goal of restoring it to its former grandeur.  Despite his complete lack of experience, he lets his heart and his vision carry him forward with fabulous results.

House : a memoir

by Michael Ruhlman

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This wonderful book explores the notion of home as the author and his family renovate a century-old house in Cleveland.  Although his defense of sprawl overlooks the physical distinction between streetcar suburbs and automobile suburbs, this is a great read for those who love old houses.

The barn house : confessions of an urban rehabber

by Ed Zotti

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With a new baby on the way, Zotti and his family defy convention and move into a dicey inner city Chicago neighborhood to renovate a dilapidated Victorian house at a time when everyone else is fleeing. Hilarious and informative, this restoration saga by the editor of The Straight Dope​ is filled...

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