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Real Estate 101: Find a Great Realtor!

Who, what, where, how?? I am pulling my hair out! So many questions and not enough answers. Finding a real estate agent that you like, trust, and is great in real estate is legitimately a job!

Falling into place : an intimate geography of home

by Catherine Reid

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A lovely book of essays that examine our connection to nature, the cycle of the seasons, and the meaning of home. Reid writes about the natural landscape and her inner landscape with equal attention to deal and joy at discovery. A beautiful book to delve into if you're missing natural...

Just Duct It!

Just Duct It!

Duct tape was originally invented by Johnson & Johnson to provide a waterproof seal for munitions boxes during World War II. Whether you want to make prom dresses, wallets, handbags, ties, or use it for its more traditional purposes, duct tape is one of the most beloved and versatile products ever invented.

Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Are you looking for help with your garden or home project? Or looking to plan new projects as the rain falls?

Check out Home & Garden under Research for recommended web sites and for articles in subscription databases on gardening, home maintenance and repair. The site I'm most interested in today is CSU Extension Xeriscape Information (under Garden & Xeriscape.)

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