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The daylight gate

by Jeanette Winterson

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A visceral, brutal, and spare historical novel. England, 1612. King James I is ruling, and any remaining Catholics have fled to Lancashire. The law there uses their power to retaliate, rape, abuse, and torture, whether their victims be accused of sympathizing with the pope or of witchcraft. Alice Nutter is...

Life after life

by Kate Atkinson

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On a cold, snowy English night in January, 1910, Ursula Todd is born with her cord wrapped around her neck, and dies the same day. On that same night, Ursula Todd is born again, and lives. We follow Todd through many lives, many experiences, many circumstances, many choices and chances....


by Vince Vawter

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Paperboy is a thought provoking coming-of-age novel.    In Memphis 1959, an 11-year-old boy takes over his friend’s paper route.  This is really difficult because the boy has a hard time talking.  He stutters.  Over the course of the summer, the boy experiences difficulties in his own life and the lives...

She rises : a novel

by Kate Worsley

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It is 1740, and life isn't easy if you're not one of the upper class. Louise Fletcher is a country dairy maid, summoned to the coast and Harwich to become a lady's maid to Rebecca, a captain's daughter hoping to marry well. We follow Louise's story as she learns the...

The outcasts : a novel

by Kathleen Kent

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Acclaimed historical fiction author Kathleen Kent sets her newest novel, The Outcasts, in her native state of Texas.  This titillating tale of the west regales the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Kent draws from historical records in her deft portrayal of period characters.  In alternating chapters, we follow the...

The gods of Gotham

by Lyndsay Faye

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Great historical novel and mystery rolled up in one. The setting is 1840s New York City, a place with lots of poor immigrants and suffering. Firefighters were volunteers and the police force was just getting established. The main character is one of the first "copper stars" on the new force....

In Praise of Mary Doria Russell


Do you love literary fiction? Historical fiction? Science fiction? This author is a rare find - someone who can cross genres with ease, style, and literary merit. She has won many national and international awards for her work. If you haven't read her, you should!

Many years ago, I discovered The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell and loved it, but somehow with all of the other books on my list, I never revisited her work. Then, this year, Doc hit our featured titles table. I snagged a copy and devoured it in three days. It was so good, I was compelled to read every work of fiction she ever wrote.

Don't let a bad movie ruin a good book

The moment I heard that Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was being made into a movie, I was thrilled.

I've seen so many good movies set in scenic places in China or by Chinese directors: Raise the Red Lantern; The Last Emperor; Ju Dou; Farewell My Concubine; Lust, Caution...

YA? Why Not?


It's no secret to fans of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games that teen books aren't just for teens any more. There are many reasons that adults are turning to YA literature, but mostly, it's because there are some great stories out there that have been marketed to young adults.

Whether you're wanting a great coming of age novel, a more succinct story, or want to be able to connect with a teen in your life through books, here are some authors to check out. Just like with adult books, not everything will appeal to you, but don't limit your reading just because something is in the teen section!

Scott Westerfeld: both a steampunk series and the dystopian Uglies series

If You Liked The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

The Denver Public Library is proud to be partnering with KWGN Channel 2 and other area libraries to facilitate the Everyday Book Club. The Everyday Book Club Selection for April was The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Book club segments air on Mondays during the Everyday show’s 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. broadcast.

If you loved The Paris Wife (or are still waiting for your copy), you might also like:

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