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Wheat belly lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back to health

by William Davis

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I like reading health books but don't enjoy applying the information. After several people recommended Wheat Belly, I downloaded the audio ebook version. Dr. Davis makes a compelling argument with data and patient case studies for changing the role of grains in our diet. The biggest detractor from his health...

Weigh and Win: Get Paid to Lose Weight

Weigh and Win!

A Weigh and Win kiosk is now available for use during normal business hours in the Burnham Hoyt Room, Level 1 of the Central Library. The public is invited to join the program and use the kiosk to measure their BMI (body mass index). Participants with a BMI over 25 will be eligible to receive financial incentives for losing weight.

Weigh and Win is a free program sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, to help participants move towards a healthy lifestyle by providing tips on healthy eating, and detailed exercise regimens based on your current activity level.

Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • Daily Coaching
  • Tracking Your Progress Online
  • Cash Rewards for Success
  • Monthly Prizes
  • A Healthier You!

Felicity Floo visits the zoo

by E. S Redmond

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Something terrible has happened at the zoo! All of the animals are sick. They have a green hue and fevers of one hundred and two. The lions won't roar, the tigers can only mew, and the hyenas are crying boo-hoo. It all began when Felicity Floo came to the zoo...

Monsters don't eat broccoli

by Barbara Jean Hicks

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Fum, foe, fie, fee, monsters don't eat broccoli! But they do eat tractors, space ships, fences, and trees! See what else monsters do and try to get them to eat some broccoli in this fun new rhyming book.

I get so hungry

by Bebe Moore Campbell

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Nikki loves to eat - she loves the taste of food, it makes her feel better when she's sad, and she can even vent her anger by pretending each crunchy chip is a mean boy. But Nikki's mama packs unhealthy food in her lunch and she gets called "Supersize" because...

Little Pea

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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Which do you like better, dessert or vegetables? Little Pea doesn't like candy, but it's what he has to eat for dinner before he can have his yummy vegetables for dessert! This is a silly story that reverses kids' usual gripes. It will make you giggle.

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