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The little stranger a novel

by Sarah Waters

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The Little Stranger was a fun, fairly creepy Victorian ghost story. It's the story of a country doctor in post-WWII England who becomes close with the family of a dying estate. As one by one, the family and their maid become convinced something sinister lurks in their stately home, the...

The dead and buried

by Kim Harrington

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Jade is finally getting what she’s always wanted, a fresh start in a new town. She is thrilled that her dad and step mom can finally afford the big house that she’s always dreamed of living in. That is, until she discovers that her new house is haunted. Kayla, who...

The haunting

by Shirley Jackson

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It's unfortunate that Shirley Jackson's classic 1959 horror novel The Haunting of Hill House will be associated with the terrible 1999 adaptation (re-titled The Haunting). The Haunting of Hill House seems like a classic haunted house story we've all seen before: a house with a tragic history on the outskirts of town no one...

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