Reviews and Blog Posts: Halloween

Monster Movies

Monster movies are fun all year long, but deserve special attention as we approach Halloween! From rabid bunnies to unseen threats, these films will have you cringing in fear but quivering with laughter!

Goofy Ghost Films

'When the Frost is on the Punkin' is one of my favorite James Whitcomb Riley poems and today's weather reminds me that it is indeed pumpkin season! Get in the Halloween spirit with these goofy ghost films that will have you cackling with laughter.

Vunce upon a time

by J.otto Seibold

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Dagmar is a vampire who lives in a dark and scary castle. But he's a vegetarian vampire and the thing he likes to eat best is CANDY! One night when his stash has run out, Dagmar's friend Skeleton tells him that there's a holiday where humans will give you candy...

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