Reviews and Blog Posts: growing up

Little green : growing up in the Cultural Revolution

by Chun Yu

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"Some said the old world needed to be destroyed/for the new world to come./That's the idea of the revolution/I was born into."

The Secret of the Stone Frog : A Toon Graphic Novel

by David Nytra

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The illustrations in The Secret of the Stone Frog are fantastic. Detailed, intriguing, and layered, they are the best part of the book. Unfortunately, the story they help tell and the characters they visualize are in many ways so clichéd and lacking in depth as to make the entire endeavor feel...

Garden State

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Not a big fan of Scrubs? Don't worry. This is a very different Zach Braff in a beautiful film about coming home, growing up, and coming to terms with yourself and your life. Pain is a part of life; joy is a part of life. This life is all you...

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