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Inside Llewyn Davis

by Coen Brothers

Reviewer Rating:

This Coen brothers' flick was disappointing for me, compared to their previous works. Although the soundtrack is excellent and the grittiness of the '60s New York setting is romantic, the title character seemed to be completely lacking in sympathetic qualities and you end up not really caring about anyone in...

Run Lola Run

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Lola has 20 minutes to come up with 100,000 deutsche marks to pay back the gangster her boyfriend owes. This film is not only about Lola's frantic run through the city to try and find the money by any means possible, it is also about how decisions can affect the...

Grosse pointe blank

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John Cusack is Martin Blank, a hit man going back home for a hit, for his high school reunion and to see the girl he stood up on prom night ten years ago. As if that wasn't reason enough to watch this comedy, it also features a fantastic 80s soundtrack,...

24 hour party people

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If you're a fan of the music of 1980s England, you should watch this movie. This drama, done in documentary style, follows the story of Factory Records and the Manchester bands that made it big in Europe -- bands like New Order and Joy Division. I picked this movie up...

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